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My Guiding Principles

I live by three guiding principles that keep me centered and moving forward. I believe in doing everything with utmost passion. Passion leads to focus which leads to excellent work. I always try to learn, and do, what I love.

I’m thankful every day for the people I have the privilege to work with. I love every connection I make, every business or cause I further. Having meaningful work to do in this world is something I can never be too thankful for.

Understanding what’s truly important. Seeing how people interact, grow, work, and change together. These things bring meaning and purpose to my life. I hope to share this inspiration with those around me.

What Drives Me

I do this work to connect with driven people motivated by their passions to work on exciting projects. Passion feeds on passion, and together we can develop sites that are better than they could ever be otherwise.

I design appealing, efficient, and robust websites for businesses and entrepreneurs. We build their face to the online world, together. I take their ideas and marry them to cutting edge web technology and design.

I do this entirely through direct, personal connections for exclusive clientele. We collaborate all the way from brainstorming, to design, through launch, and over the entire course of your website’s lifecycle. We do this together.

100% Positively Reviewed


“CT is a professional beyond his years. He’s accessible, responsive, and responsible—all old-school characteristics that are a must for any business owner who provides exceptional customer service on a daily basis.”


“CT is a true professional and an expert web designer. We hired him to overhaul not one but two really outdated corporate websites. He has the unique ability to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity while also being down to earth and very approachable.”


Selected Works

Of course, great work can only happen with great clients.
So I thank everyone that I’ve worked with on projects like this:

“The things we know for sure are you get one shot at this life and you’re going to spend a 1/3 of it asleep. To me the only question that matters is: Are you going to be awake for the rest of it?”


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