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Get Secured Quickly

After just a short discussion we’re ready to deploy cutting-edge security tools and tactics to protect your site.

Protect Your Investment

You’ve built your business over many years. Don’t let a bored hacker take you down in five minutes.

Rest Easy

You can sleep well, because you know I will only when your website is safe.

What’s Included?

Site Updates & Hack Prevention

Modern websites can run dozens of different applications and plugins. Each app has its own update schedule and its own vulnerabilities. I monitor every component and deliver rapid updates for your entire web platform.

Malware Monitoring & Removal

An infected website not only takes down your business, it can damage your customers’ computers and phones too. I provide 24/7 monitoring for malware on your site, with immediate repair when needed to keep your business always available.

Blacklist Monitoring & Removal

Google, Microsoft, and security firms blacklist websites they believe are infected, which could stop your customers from finding you on search engines. I monitor your site and the blacklists to clear any listings before your customers even see a problem.

Firewall Protection

Firewalls prevent malicious sites from connecting to your business website, and help block attacks. I deploy the latest firewall technology to get customers onto your site faster, and keep the hackers out.

DDoS Attack Protection

A favorite tool of hackers attempting to take your business offline. I monitor your site and use advanced networking tools to redirect malicious traffic, so your customers stay connected even when hackers are trying to take you down.

Daily Backups

If your site goes down I get it back online fast. We keep daily backups of your site’s critical data. Don’t worry about lost work or your customers’ lost access.

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