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That’s my goal for every speaking event or podcast engagement. To use my passion to positively impact and inspire just one person to take action and start creating the personal and professional life they desire.

I’m available for speaking, panel or podcast engagements and I customize every presentation so your audience gets the maximum value for their time.

Featured Episodes with CT

Fitness Blitz Radio | ~10min
The Jones Podcast - With CT Kaupp | ~12min
The Business Blast Podcast | ~6min

Sample Topics

Though I lost my father too soon, he will always serve as my greatest inspiration. He taught me what’s really important and he encouraged me to live my life with integrity, purpose and intention. I’ll share some of my dad’s wisdom along with life lessons I’ve learned on my journey so far.

I always strive to give 150% in everything I do, whether it’s working with clients or working out. Strong body, strong mind. As high-performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais says, There’s only three things we can train as humans – our body, our craft, and our mind.

I believe that achieving high performance isn’t just for elite athletes; it’s for anyone that wants to make the most out of the one life we’ve all been given. I’ll share my process for BEING ELITE in all facets of your life.

This is geared toward high school students, college students, or anyone interested in learning more about how to successfully launch a business in today’s ever-change technology landscape. I’ll share my backstory, the ups and downs and the principles that guide my life (and business).

“As soon as I met CT, I immediately knew I had to have him on my podcast. His story is one that deserves a platform to be heard and anyone listening will understand why. Being able to sit down with someone who speaks with so much purpose in life is a treasure most people never discover. I would describe CT’s life as always being “only the beginning” because of there being so much more for him to do. I’m so thankful for what originally started out as a stranger with a story, has turned into a lifelong friend with many more stories to tell.”

Danny Callahan
Podcast Host

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I’m passionate about what I do. I feel a deep connection to that work and would be honored to serve you (and your audience) through podcast form or in-person at your next event.