How Does Your Website Grade Out? Too Little, Too Much, Too Scary Or Juuust Right?

Did you know a user takes just 5 seconds to decide if they will stay on your website? In that short period of time, it’s vital that you capture their attention and give them a reason to stay. To help you understand how to do this, let’s look at 3 reasons why a user would quickly leave your website. Plus, the one element you need to create a website that will engage a user.

Too Little Going On

The minimalism lifestyle is all about living with less, cutting out unnecessary items and expenses and decluttering your home. You may think it’s a good idea to adopt this mindset when creating or redesigning your website but I caution you to rethink that approach. Small business websites that have minimal content are not effective in converting users into leads. This is because they give no clear direction to the user and leave too much up to their imagination. Users want to quickly know what you do, how you can help them and how they can take the next step.

Too Much Going On

A common scenario my client’s find themselves in is that they are so worried about not having enough content on their website, they go the opposite direction and try to cram too much into it, especially on the homepage. But the problem with that is there ends up being no coherent layout or message to the website, which makes it looks daunting and overwhelming to the user. Bottom line: the user becomes confused and frustrated. These are all reasons why the user will quickly leave your website.

Too Scary

Somewhere in-between the “too little” and “too much” scale is the scary website. Websites in this category are downright frightening due to the multitude of colors, fonts, images and videos being used. These kinds of websites usually don’t happen overnight. It happens over months or years with multiple designers working on the same site. Each designer or company wants to put their own stamp on things but it ends up looking patchy and out dated. Users exit these websites faster than you can snap your fingers.

Juuust Right

Whether your website was created solely by you, one company or massaged by multiple companies through the years, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having too little or too much going on or just a downright scary website. When creating or redesigning your website, keep this one word in mind: consistency! Use one design, one logo, one typeface and a simple color scheme throughout.

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