Is Your Website Paralyzing Potential Customers?

Have you heard of the term analysis paralysis? This refers to the process of over-analyzing or overthinking a situation or problem and it prevents you from moving forward with a decision. It can happen to the best of us, especially when faced with a tough decision. Unfortunately, if it happens on a website, the user will leave your website in a matter of seconds. Let’s look at the most common cause of website paralysis and what you can do to prevent it.

Too Many Options?

This may be happening with your own website. By presenting the user with too many actions to perform, the user becomes overwhelmed and will take no action at all. We have all been to websites where they ask us to do 50 things at once: request a quote, sign up for a newsletter, take a quiz, download an eBook, book an appointment…the list goes on and on. It’s just too much so the user will quickly leave before doing anything at all.

This is why having a clear and concise CTA (Call-To-Action) on your website is so important. Whatever action it is that you want the user to take, request THAT thing. Make it front-and-center on each page and on every device. I recommend calling it out 2-3x on your homepage and 1-2x on each internal page. This increases the likelihood that each user will see it regardless of what page they first access on your website.

Here’s A Great Example

Below is an example of a website I designed for a memory care facility. The main action they want their users to take is to request a tour of their facility. We made sure that was prominent with a “REQUEST TOUR NOW!” button at the top of each page. See examples below of desktop (left) vs mobile (right). You will see there’s a similar look and feel regardless of the device being used. This is ideal.

Interested In More Website Tips?

I urge you to put yourself in the user’s shoes. What are they looking to do when they come to your website? Does it align with the action you want them to take? Is it clear and obvious for them to take action? If not, I’d love to help! You can click here to download my free 27-Point Website Checklist. It’s filled with important insights and strategies to turn your website visitors into lifelong customers.