What’s KING Of Your Website? The Copy

As a website designer you may think I would automatically tell you the look and feel (or “design”) is the most important attribute of your website. But I’m here to squash that assumption. The content, specifically the text copy that is on your website is KING and here are three reasons why.

Carries The Visitor Through Your Journey

When someone lands on your website they want to quickly know a) How can you help them? b) Why you are qualified to help them? and c) What’s the next step they should take?

Think about if you landed on a website without any written text – just images. You would be totally confused. You wouldn’t know what that website is trying to convey, where to go or what to click on.

By writing attractive and engaging copy, you will draw in the user, explaining what you do, how you can help and provide a clear CTA (Call To Action). This will lead the user down your journey and make it clear on how to take that next step. Maybe that’s requesting a quote, signing up for more information or downloading your recent lead magnet.

Increase Scannability

Your website needs to allow the user to easily scan each page. You can’t have long paragraphs of text, on-top of long paragraphs of text, on-top of long paragraphs of text. Or even worse…have an entire page of text without any paragraph breaks whatsoever.

The copy on your website should utilize headings and subheads along with quick, snappy paragraphs of text. When done properly, this will not only draw in the user’s attention but also give the user the ability to 1) digest the information at a very quick glance OR 2) if they want to read it all, they can do so effortlessly.

PRO TIP: Make sure the majority of your text content is on a white background. There’s nothing harder on the user’s eyes than trying to read white text on a dark colored background. For example, white text on a solid black background is a big NO-NO.

Increase SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of guidelines for optimizing your website so you can achieve higher rankings in search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo) for when users search for your product or service. There are many tactics to increase SEO rankings but none as impactful as the copy that is written on your own website.

You want to make sure your copy contains key phrases that your target market is going to be searching for, that it’s structured correctly from a website perspective and that what you write is unique to your website. No search engine wants to rank your website if it looks spammy (like it was written for a robot VS for an actual person) or if it’s simply copy and pasted from another source.

PRO TIP: Plagiarism wasn’t allowed in school and it isn’t allowed on your website either!

Interested In Learning More?

As you’ve just read, the words on your website do more than just inform your user. Being able to carry the user through the journey on your website, increasing its scannability, as well as SEO rankings, are all reasons why your copy is considered the chief, the director, the leader of your website. If you have questions on how to optimize the written word for your website, I’d love to help! Click here to set up a free discovery call and make the copy on your website more powerful.