Below are frequently asked questions covering pre-sale, website design and development, as well as domains, hosting and website management. If you still have questions, please drop me a line on my contact page here.


Of course! It’s my goal to be with you for the full life-cycle of your site. This means I will be there with you every step of the way – to educate, inform & create a website you are truly proud to call your own. The last thing I want you to feel is uncomfortable or overwhelmed.
I can’t speak for any other designer/developers out there but let me tell you…I sure have heard the horror stories! First off, I truly care & am passionate about my work. I treat each client with the personalized attention, respect & thoughtfulness that I would want to be treated with. I simply don’t cut corners. I meticulously look over every part as I’m building the site & don’t stop until you are in love with what I have created for you. I believe in collaboration every step of the way.
No, I will create your website from start to finish. Depending on how extensive and/or complex your website build is, I may bring in others to help – think of it like a remodeler who has his plumbing guy on speed-dial or carpet installer. Your remodeler does 90% of the work but he brings in different people to complement his expertise. I want you to get the best of the best at every turn & this is how I’m able to do that.
Yes! Without a shadow of a doubt, you own your website 150%.
Easy-peesy! While I hope I’m the only web guy you will ever have to hire, if you desire to move your site away from my server, that’s not a problem at all. You simply email (or call me) to explain that you’d like to move it away & I’ll send you the credentials to do so within 24 hours. See? No hassle, no BS, easy-peesy!
Every website is unique so it’s hard to give an exact timetable but I typically tell my clients a range of 4-6 weeks from start to website launch. A lot of this turn-around is dictated by your responsiveness. If you’re really speedy to send me the content for the site & approve things, the process will move along quite fast. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, if it takes weeks to hear back from you, the process will most certainly get dragged out.
Absolutely not! If you’re planning to write all the content yourself, we will first talk through the vision for the site, the different pages we should have & I’ll send you an outline of the website’s menu structure. This way you have a great starting point & can take off from there. Or if you’d rather not write the content (because you’re so busy running your business) I’m happy to provide copywriting services as well.
Each website company will have a different process to create their sites, leading to each company quoting the same job differently. What Company A quotes at $2,500, may be $7,500 to Company B. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that it may be hard to compare website quotes apples-to-apples. Each company may include other areas (marketing/branding/social media/advertising etc) into their proposal.
Of course! I’ve worked with client’s all around the globe (Europe, Australia etc). And the perk about having your business not located near me is that now I have an excuse to go on vacation…  😉
Yes! I work with all types of clients – big & small – spanning several different industries. I’ll always be up-front with you & let you know if we would be a great fit or not. If not, I will try to refer to someone that can be of help for your project.
No. At this time I do not accept (or sign) RFP’s/NDA’s.

Most likely no but you can always contact me to discuss the project at hand. I have found that 99 out of 100 times, it is much cheaper to build a new website VS trying to figure out how a prior designer/developer created the current site & fixing it from there.

Yes! While my focus is working with health & fitness businesses at this time, I have vast experience working with local service-based businesses. But simply put, I can create a website for any industry/any niche. Please contact me with details about your particular project & will see if we are a great fit. I look forward to talking with you!

Design + Development

I only use WordPress, the leading CMS, powering over ~35% of all websites in existence today, to build my websites.
I have found these “Do It Yourself” website platforms to be extremely limiting – from a web design standpoint, as well as from a customer functionality standpoint. The whole point of having an optimized website is to streamline business operations for yourself, as well as for your customers/prospective customers, right? By using a DIY platform, you will almost certainly outgrow their limitations & have to get the site redesigned in WordPress. It makes much more financial sense to use WordPress from the get-go.

No. I purchase a WordPress “theme” (this is used as the framework or foundation of the site) & then fully customize that to each of my client’s specific needs.

Yes! Each site will be created with the current best practices/standards. It’s my goal to create a site that not only works great for you now but can also evolve over the life of your business. Each site I build looks modern, professional, will be easy for any user to navigate/find what they are looking for & will be optimized for viewing on all devices.
I take great pride in the websites I build & there is no limit to the amount of revisions made prior to launching your site. If I feel we are going around in circles or the project has gotten off track, we will setup a meeting to get back on the same page.
Personalized attention, communication, responsiveness & transparency every step of the way!

Hosting + Domains + Management

If you have purchased my Website Management package, I can purchase and/or renew your domain yearly free of charge.
Yes! I use a dedicated server for only my clients. The “big box” hosting companies will put your site on a server with hundreds or even thousands of other sites. This can be a major security risk because when any of those sites are hit with speed issues, spam, or are hacked, your site is extremely vulnerable.
Most website companies today will either 1) create your website, hand it off to you & expect you/your team to somehow manage it (they got your money for designing the site & now don’t care about you or yourr business) or 2) they create your website & offer some basic, super cheap website hosting after it’s launched. I do things differently. Once launched, I’ll manage your site 24/7 & include much more than website hosting. Whenever you need anything added or updated to your site, I’m there. My goal is to provide the most personalized, 1-on-1 attention possible in the website space. For more information on what is all included in my Website Management package, CLICK HERE.
Yes! This is what I do best. I’ll fully-manage & proactively monitor your website 24/7. Whenever you need anything changed or updated, I’m there for you. Because I personally built your site, I’ll manage, secure & support it 100x more efficiently.
I’m extremely selective with the client’s (& their sites) that I take on. Please contact me, explain your situation & I’ll determine if we are a great fit or not.
I’m extremely selective with the client’s (& their sites) that I take on. Please contact me, explain your situation & I’ll determine if we are a great fit or not.
No. I do not offer email hosting at this time. I recommend my clients to use Office365 or Google Suite for their email needs. Both of those platforms are built for businesses in 2019 & beyond.

Ready For A New Website?

When I’m not working out, in the float tank or in the sauna, I’m most likely building a website – but not just any ‘ol  website. The ones I build are engaging, effortless to navigate and convert new users into customers for life.