Online Marketing Services for Electrical Contractors

We help electrical contractors get found online.

According to Blue Corona, electrical contractors in business for more than two years have already outperformed 34% of small businesses. If that’s not startling enough, electricians in business for over five years have outlasted 50% of their peers. It’s becoming harder and harder to maintain and sustain a business as a residential electrician, and standing out from the crowd has become a necessity if you want to see your business succeed.

While some electricians think a digital marketing plan is not the best fit for their business, their competitors are actively ranking higher on Google, running successful PPC campaigns, and receiving higher-quality leads. According to WebFX, SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%, while other traditional methods have a rate of 1.7%.

Working with CT and his team

We believe sustained success is achieved through transparency and close-knit client relationships, which is how we operate our business. If you’re looking for quick turnaround times or rushed projects, we are likely not the best option for you.

Everything we do is built around growing our client’s businesses in the short and long-term. We simply do not cut corners. Also, if your project falls outside of our expertise, we are upfront with you, and have dedicated partners at the ready.

At the end of the day, it is your job to run your business, and it is our job to ensure your website is compliant with Google’s latest algorithmic changes. With 4,500+ annual updates to their Google algorithm, your site demands specific updates and maintenance. Our services align your online presence with Google’s needs so that you get the most out of your marketing investment online.

How we can work together

Website Design

Your website is likely the first introduction a person will have with your business. Create a WordPress website that showcases your business, highlights your services, and converts organic web traffic into high-quality leads.

Website Copywriting

Good website copy talks to the user and seamlessly guides them to the desired action, like a form submission or phone call. Copy must be clear, eye-catching, and contain keywords you would like to rank for on Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Build an SEO strategy that improves your ranking on Google, brand visibility, and overall digital presence. A robust SEO plan helps business owners inch closer to the #1 spot on Google, which receives 32% of all clicks for a given query!

Ongoing Website Management & Security

A breach in site security may cost you days or even weeks of missed traffic, leads and revenue. Investing in site security protects your investment from hackers, site crashes, and loss of information.



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Is your website bringing in a consistent flow of new leads and customers? If not, we can help!

My team and I have worked with contractors and home service pros in the online space for a combined 25+ years. We know the website and SEO strategies that will get your phone ringing and bring in new business.