Online Marketing for Garage Door Services

We help garage door companies create powerful websites that drive results.

A recent study from Zero Limit Web shows the first five results on the Google search page receive 67% of all clicks while results 6-10 only receive 3.7% of clicks. PPC Google Ad campaigns receive around 15% of the remaining clicks, which makes high-quality SEO the most effective way to increase your traffic online.

Ranking your business in the first five results on the Google search page requires a steady commitment to SEO best practices. It is likely that your direct competitors have already invested in digital marketing services, creating a new avenue for lead generation to support their growing garage door business. However, there’s still a massive opportunity to outrank your high-performing competition.

Many small business owners falsely believe SEO is not necessary for their business since many of their customers are local and/or referrals. In 2020, however, 93% of consumers used Google to find a local business.

There are plenty of people nearby actively seeking garage door services. The best way to attract these potential clients is with a digital marketing plan utilizing local SEO, clear web copy, and a site design that is easy to navigate and understand.

Working with CT and his team

Instead of focusing on quick turnarounds and low-cost strategies, we center our business model around a relationship-based approach. Everything we do is built around growing our client’s businesses in the short and long-term. If you are seeking a quick, “one and done” type of project, we are likely not the best option for you.

Google’s algorithm produces thousands of updates each year, which ultimately affects the positioning of your business in search engines (like Google). As online marketing experts, it’s our job to take the reins and ensure your website continues to climb up the rankings. It’s your job to focus on running your business.

We are passionate about the work we do, the results we achieve and truly treat each client’s business as if it were our own. When a project requires knowledge outside of our areas of expertise, we have dedicated partners at the ready.

How we can work together

Website Design

Your website is often the first impression a user has of your business. Create a WordPress website that represents your business and attracts your ideal client.

Website Copywriting

Create copy across your website that directs users where you’d like them to go and encourages them to take action, such as a lead form submission or a phone call.

Search Engine Optimization

Build an SEO strategy that lands you closer and closer to the top five results on the first page of Google, capturing 71% of all clicks.

Ongoing Website Management & Security

After investing in a new website and online marketing efforts, it’s imperative to protect it. Site hacks and crashes can have devastating impacts: loss of site traffic, leads, and revenue.



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Is your website bringing in a consistent flow of new leads and customers? If not, we can help!

My team and I have worked with contractors and home service pros in the online space for a combined 25+ years. We know the website and SEO strategies that will get your phone ringing and bring in new business.