Business in Boardshorts Podcast
EP1 – Derek Newman Jr


Release Date: December 1, 2020

Location: Miami, FL

Guest Name: Derek Newman Jr

Business Name: Haus Of Newman

Business Website:

Host: Welcome back or welcome to the Business In Boardshorts Podcast. Today’s guest is Derek Newman Jr. from Miami, Florida. He’s a top rated international psychic medium, and one of America’s top spiritual and relationship coaches and healers. Derek, How are you doing?

Guest: I’m doing great. How are you?

Host: Good. Good. Thanks for joining me.

Guest: Awesome. Awesome.

Host: So, I know you’ve kind of been all around the US, can you give our listeners a little tour?

Guest: Correct. So, I graduated high school, May 2007. I really wanted to get out because Florida was very conservative. I was in that process of trying to find myself and I wanted to just go far away. So, I end up moving to California, where I was there for like six years. From there, it’s like, everything just took off for me. My spiritual gift develop even more. I started going to meetup groups. Speaking to people who were just like me. I also found how to value myself because before then that was a major thing for me.

After I completed those lessons, I moved to New York, and New York was just spur of the moment, okay? I always wanted to live in New York City. I always been that type of person, if I want something, I’m going to do it. So, my best friend, she moved to New York, and I follow right behind her. From there, I got in touched with my spiritual gifts even more, and then it was to a point where I couldn’t even turn it off. As I started developing my gift, I was like, “Okay, it’s time to go back home to the South.” because that’s where I’m originally from, and I feel like that’s where my roots are for my spiritual gifts.

I made my way back down to Florida, and I went there for like six months. That was pretty much to get back in touch with my family because before then I was gone for almost 10 years. And so, after doing that, I moved to Atlanta for two years. In Atlanta, I pretty much got back into the corporate role because at some point I got discouraged, and I was like, “Oh, maybe this is not for me.”, because at that time it was just so overwhelming. But then, I was like, “No, I had to face my fears now.” Once I left my corporate job, I just gave my two weeks notice, and I was like, “Okay, it’s now or never.” I left my corporate job and move back to Miami so that’s where I’m currently at now.

Host: And, you have been all over the place. That’s pretty awesome.

Guest: Right.

Host: Back to when you were in Cali, and you said that you started feeling into your gift more like accepting that more going to meetups and different things. Can you take us back to that point in time? Like, was it something that you were trying to suppress for a while?

Guest: It was something that I wanted to explore but Florida was very conservative when it cames to spiritual gifts. California was more open and back in California, it’s where everything was accepted back then, and it still is. I just feel like when I was in California, I felt more like people welcomed my gift versus Florida. In Florida, people felt like it was devil stuff, it was voodoo, it was bad work, it was not anything of God, but California was totally different. I feel like me going to California really showed me who I really am and it gave me that power to hold my gift even more without worrying about what other people may think.

Host: Yeah, it makes a total sense. Well, let’s go to like what, I think there’s a lot of mystery with the spiritual work, with with the healing, with the psychic area, and I would like to have you explain to our listeners like what is not before we’re going to get into, what it is, and what you do?

Guest: I will tell you this, spiritual work can vary, okay? But a lot of people claim to have a gift just to make some money. I think with those people, out to make money, out to scam people, it made it hard for people like me who actually have a gift. I feel like this kind of work is pretty much psychology as well.

My major is Psychology. I’m in the grad program at FIU, so is incorporating your spiritual gift with Psychology. So, I tell people, its the same as going to a therapist, but you just have somebody who is more spiritually inclined. And I tell people, don’t be afraid. But, the people that get off the bat, they say, “Oh, Chris, you have a dark cloud over you.” Those are people who are usually out to give money. When I meet a person, I give people their life, without them telling me anything. I feel with this kind of gift, you have to earn people trust, because of the stigma that’s out there right now with this industry, and I’ve been always set on trying to prove that there are people out there that’s very genuine.

This is why I worked so hard to just get my name out to more people because when you speak of psychic mediums, they say, “Oh, they’re fake.”, “They’re this.”, “They’re that”. Sometimes it became discouraging, I was like, “No, I can’t do this.” I just don’t want to be labeled as that but as time went on, I was like, “You know what, maybe there has to be somebody who can change that kind of thinking, and this is where I come in today.”

Host: Yeah, I love that. So, let’s explain now, on your service side, and how you work with clients in the different areas that you’d like to work in.

Guest: Right. Some people call me with relationship issues. Some people call me wanting to connect to the other party loved ones. Some of them call me because they just have life issues. It ranges from person to person, but I will tell you this, something like I have clients where I don’t do the spiritual work. I just do psychology, so I treat it as a therapy session. I help them uncover their true self, so they can get out there in the world and live their life, because a lot of people are stuck in the mindset of what other people may think of them. And, it hinders them from their true calling. When these people are hindered, guess what happened? You have depression, you have anxiety, resentment, anger, because you turn to social media these days, and you see, why is there living his life, but I can’t. So, I help these people navigate through life. On the other side, there are people who call me because they want to connect to their parent they lost, or a friend, or people who may say, “Derek, I just need spiritual insight.”, “What’s going on with my life?”, “Why do I feel stuck?”, “How can I fix this?”.

Host: Hey there, it’s CT. I’m going to do my own show because I’m now open to new clients, or I have a waitlist for website design and marketing strategy sessions. If you’re trying to throw in your marketing dollars down the drain, and want a website that actually drives new business, let’s hop on a call. You can book a free hour with me at, that’s What would you say is, one or two things that you enjoy the most about what you do?

Guest: What I enjoy the most is seeing people relieved. I enjoy helping people figure out life because a lot of people are stuck so when they call me they get that “Aha!” moment. And they say, “Oh, my God, they’re devil’s confirmation.” because a lot of people need reassurance as well. So, to have a complete stranger to validate what you were already feeling is just totally different. When they leave off the car, they email me, they text me, and they say, “Thank you Derek for helping me because now I can see the light.” A lot of these people have become very successful in business now. They have we’re not getting start living their life with trying to explore their gift as well. A lot of people say, “Derek, I have a gift but I’m scared to use it. How can I use it?” So, for me to see people progress, I think that makes me really, really happy.

Host: That’s a great point because I think a lot of people may think of getting, you know, helping out in a therapy setting, or saying to, “I’m lost”, or “It much more of a negative thing. This isn’t working out.”, or “I need help.” But, I think you’re totally spot on that. To be able to get the reassurance, you may be 95% of the way there but to be able to get the reassurance that, “Okay, this is the right path.” or maybe I need to switch something here and there, they’re definitely can be a weight lift about this and that area as well.

Guest: Exactly, because you have a lot of family members that will try to discourage that person. “Oh, you can’t do this.” “Oh, that’s crazy.” “Oh, don’t do that.” But, then you have me who’s saying, “Okay, A, B, C, D, and you’re like, “Wait, how did he know this?” And then he’s like, “You know what? Screw my family. I’m gonna listen to Derek because this guy is a complete stranger to me. How did he know this?” And, sometimes that’s the reassurance that people need. So, this is why I have the approach, I talk, you listen. Because, I don’t want anybody to say, “Oh, well, I had to feed him information.” No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I never call me. I never go off what someone else say? They always confirm back to me. “Oh, yes, that’s correct.” But, damn knowing that, that they gave me absolutely nothing. It really give them that fire.

Host: Can you walk through just a very like high level of how you work if somebody, they’re gonna book a 30 minute session. Like, how that works because you said they’ve never, I mean, they have never had a psychic reading before so they don’t even know what to expect.

Guest: Okay, so in that case, what I do is right away, I tell them what color they have on or they probably does literally next to them, so they can know, “oh, my God, this guy has a gift, like.” How did he know? I have on a lavender color shirt? or How did he know that I was sitting on this gray couch because out of all the colors, he went directly to that. When I do that, that give people that reassurance right away. So, then I start giving people a glimpse of their life, or what’s been happening over the last two years. Okay, when I do that they become more comfortable because they’re like, “Oh, my God, wait, this guy’s in my head, like, are you in my living room watching me every day?” So, I give people that kind of story and then I have them to ask me a direct question, because when a person pay for a certain amount of time, I don’t want to waste our time talking about irrelevant stuff. So, I give them the floor and I answer all their questions and without, not deflecting, and I’m always spot on. People say, “Oh, my God, Derek, come on. This is crazy. You don’t even know me.” And, I get calls from West Coast, East Coast, I get calls from Europe, I get calls from Asia, people find me and they book with me. To give people that reassurance right away, when I first connect to them, that’s just opens up the door for them to be more comfortable, and then now they’re going to be more accepting of it.

Host: And, from a business sense, what would you say is the biggest thing that you’ve learned since you started your business until now?

Guest: The biggest thing I’ve learned is not to be afraid because fear can hold you back. And, I try to tell people fear is negativity. Fear is low vibrations. You have to think very positive. You have to have faith. Once you think positive, you open up the doors for everything else to flow into your life. I tell people, you can’t attract good, when you’re thinking low, so you have to change that low vibrations to inspire positive things to come your way. And so, I will tell people right off the bat fear, take fear off your mind. Okay, and you just have to jump in there. In some days, you will be busy, some days you will be slow, okay, because a lot of people want busy days, all day, every day. But then, when they have two or three slow days, “Oh, I’m a failure.” “Oh, I’m weary.” No, there will be days where you may be slow and next week you make it tons of work, and that’s how it works, but you cannot dwell in that low vibration energy. And, that’s the biggest key.

Host: Sorry, I’ve always said, from entrepreneurship angle, it’s really about staying neutral, staying medium, not too high, not too low, because what you just said, like you can have, you may have thought that you just sealed up to two new jobs, and that next week he comes in they both back down, and now you have nothing, and we’re gonna be the opposite way around. So, totally in line with that.

Guest: Yes, yes, yes, yes, because I tell people, once you take your mind off things, and you just let things happen, next thing you see it, you’re like, “Oh, my God, it’s really manifesting.” But, when you start worrying, “Oh, I can’t do this. I can’t do that.” It’s not going to happen. I can tell you, “Oh, okay, I see this for you.” But, you have to want it and make the changes yourself as well. It’s like 50/50.

Host: Essentially, if you have that kind of mindset, where you’re fixated on the worst possible outcome, is going to unblock you from actually achieving what you want to achieve.

Guest: Right. That’s so true. That’s so true. So, I tell people jump in there and just stay level headed. That’s the key.

Host: Okay, so this may correlate with what we just talked about, but what’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Guest: The best business, I will tell you this, the best business advice I ever received was and excuse my language. This person said, “F–, what everyone thinks and do you. Live your life.” And I said, “You know what, screw what people think I’m going to live my life.” And look at me, three years later, still working for myself, very happy, very content with life, I’m working on my grad degree, things are flowing for me. And, when I heard that, I was like, “You know what, it was a lightbulb moment for me.” And, it was something so basic that woke me up. So, that to me, that was the best advice. [laughs]

Host: I literally just was talking to somebody yesterday and said the same thing like be you, do you, you’re the noise, like that, you too right there.

Guest: Right? That’s so true because you can’t make everyone happy. You can’t. You will always have the naysayers. You always have the people who want to see you win. So, I just tell people just, “Do you.”

Host: I love it. Let’s let’s just drop the mic right there. [laughter] And people want to get a hold of you. Where can they get in touch?

Guest: Yes, they can visit my website at So,

Host: Awesome. Thank you very much for coming on.

Guest: You’re so welcome. You’re so welcome. And, congratulations to you on the start of your new journey. I know it’s gonna be very, very successful. You have the personality for it to make people feel comfortable. And, things just flow, so congratulations to you.

Host: I appreciate it. I appreciate your episode number one and of bring you on for episode 200.

Guest: Yes, yes, yes, yes. [laughs]

Host: All, right. I’m going now.

Guest: All right, see you.

Overview: Derek Newman Jr. is an International Psychic Medium and Prophet that has done amazing work around the globe to heal others. He has had this gift since he was little but it developed more as he got into his adult years. His goal is to raise human consciousness, renew spiritual health, and to place people on a path to live their best lives. Derek has helped hundreds and hundreds of people overcome many obstacles.

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