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EP 15 – Billy Reuter


Release Date: March 3, 2021

Location: Port Orange, FL

Guest Name: Billy Reuter

Business Name: Coach Billy Reuter, LLC

Business Website:


Intro (guest speaking): Every single result in our lives currently are based on three things: the standards we hold, the belief systems we operate with, and the behaviors we do consistently. That’s it. It’s not because I might have Italian heritage and I respond this way or because of a race or religion. None of that matters. Again, every result in our life are based on the standards I hold, the beliefs I operate with, and the behaviors I do consistently.

Guest: Hey, Chris! What’s up? How are you?

Host: Good. Can you tell us the vibe, where you’re located in Port Orange?

Guest: Yeah, absolutely. I’m a recent Port Orange, Florida resident. I just moved my family here. As far as our concern, it’s aligned with who we are. It’s a little bit more – certainly more relaxed, more – just slower pace, but also that beautiful harmony of young entrepreneurs starting businesses, doing their best to navigate through our current pandemic. We have a very community-focused group, where we’re all looking to help each other in the community. It’s honestly perfect, especially with the opportunities that are here as well as the relaxation, being just so close to the water. It’s for us the perfect vibe for all that stuff.

Host: How did you settle on Port Orange?

Guest: We took an impromptu, last-minute road trip to Florida to visit family for 30 days to get out of the craziness of New York back in May. We had no idea, or no motivation, or any even decisions that we were going to move. That absolutely wasn’t even on our radar. Literally, our first day driving down to Ormond Beach – it’s where my mother is where we stayed for 30 days – my wife and I looked at each other and said, “This is it.” We definitely wanted to get off Long Island. We weren’t sure how or when or where, and we just felt a connection of hope.

After that 30 days, we really did our due diligence, and we chose Port Orange for the balance. For one, although I homeschool my twin boys, my daughter who’s 15 still goes to formal school. The school system and school district was a big play, and we are in a phenomenal, phenomenal school district.

The second reason is Port Orange is the beautiful balance of beach life and entrepreneurial life. There’s a ton of young ambitious families, a lot of businesses going on here, a lot of malls and a lot of stores up and coming, which is phenomenal. Then five minutes – a five-minute drive and you’re right on the beach, you’re right on the East Coast enjoying the beach or fishing, whatever you’d like to do.

Host: What do you think drives you to the water?

Guest: It’s funny. That’s a great question. I’ll reference something that I’m about to dive into hopefully next week. I’m not really sure. I’ll extrapolate a little bit here. My wife and I have always been driven and drawn by the water. Always! We’ve always wanted to get off Long Island for years, but we never knew where, but we always knew that it had to be by water. Always had to be. There’s something very healing. There’s something very magical for us. There’s something very – man, if I just say spirit expanding, that’s not undermining it at all. It’s very true.

The reason why I was sharing before is there’s a book that’s out that I bought. I haven’t got a chance to dive into it. It’s called, the Blue Mind, where there’s actually – this author is a researcher. He did a ton of research because of what we feel. I can’t put it into words because I don’t know the science. He’s actually linked up with neuroscientists, of why being in or by water is so magical, so healing and what’s the drug.

Host: I’m going to pick up that book as well. That’s fascinating. I love that.

Guest: Yeah.

Host: You’ve been an entrepreneur from a pretty young age, right?

Guest: Yes, sir. Yeah, so I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 24. My daughter was six months old. Up until that point, I was running multiple martial arts schools for two other gentlemen who were the financial backers, who are fantastic people. I just knew in my heart, I wanted to become more and I wanted to be more and I wanted and needed full control.

The apprehension up until that point was I had phenomenal job security and I love my martial arts students. I pride myself on building very strong relationships and my students were basically my extended family. But there is something different when you hold your baby girl for the first time and you become a parent where you – at least for me, I had a very transformational moment. I knew that although it was a tremendous risk, we did not have a lot of money, I did not have a mentor, I didn’t even really have a plan, I just knew that I needed to do this.

I’ve talked it over with my wife. Again, my daughter was six months old. I told her what I was looking to do, and she said, “Well, if anybody can be a success, it’s you. I believe in you and I stand by you.” That was it. It started with me leaving the martial arts schools, and starting to go to my students’ homes. I started an in-home martial arts training business, which then evolved into a seminar-leading business, which then allowed me to open up facilities. Then I got really pulled into fitness and I started opening fitness facilities, gyms and eventually a kickboxing franchise. Yeah, it’s been on a nonstop ride since then.

Host: How exactly did you then go from martial arts in the fitness space to the current coaching that you do?

Guest: Fifteen years ago, I stopped training with martial arts teachers, and I started training with an Israeli martial arts coach, who is a former IDF. Some guy that really knows how to fight and it’s been in real combat. What I noticed back then was the mindset was – when it comes to survival was more important than just the strategy. It allowed me to really dive into why we do what we do, what makes someone freeze during a fight, and what makes someone stand up for themselves and fight back.

Understanding that wiring that we had allowed me to really understand human behavior. Through that process, my fighting system back then was called impact. We spent 80% on mindset, survival mindset. Then it started to just kind of organically crossover. My work in mindset and why we do what we do, I was able to help my high-level students in their businesses and their marriages.

Obviously, there’s a lot of details over that time. But I recognized that I could really help people at a much deeper level by helping them overcome limitations in their mind, by structuring their daily routine with specific what I call aligned activities, and how a holistic balanced life really isn’t the goal, it’s the path to happiness/fulfillment.

Host: How would you say your current business has changed from when you first started it to now? Like I’m seeing you have a 90-day program. I mean, you do some speaking engagements that way. Has it always – have you really kind of kept that the whole way through or how has that changed and evolved? How is that going?

Guest: It’s really the foundation is the same, but the metrics have changed. Years ago, like my entire purpose – and the reason why I chose the word “impact,” many, many years ago, when I developed my own fighting system was because my north star, my ethos is I want to positively impact people’s lives that I’m involved with. It’s been about impact. What it’s done is – how it changes, I don’t have to be there physically anymore. Because of the results, I’m getting from my students now, it doesn’t require face-to-face communication. It doesn’t require in-person communication. With just a few tweaks per week, people’s lives change exponentially and holistically.

The method I’m still teaching, I’m still speaking, but now the nature of how I’m doing it is definitely different. People can leave a seminar, leave a speaking engagement with not only just motivation but with actual systematic tools to implement in their life, so they can see better results.

Host: What are some of those tools?

Guest: I have a three-step process, right? One is awareness. I bring awareness to my audience or my clients that every single result in our life – right now, even everybody listening if you look at your bank account, whatever that number is, if you jump on a scale, if you take your shirt off for fitness levels if you really evaluate your relationships (personal, intimate and professional), every single result in our lives currently are based on three things. The standards we hold, the belief systems we operate with, and the behaviors we do consistently. That’s it. It’s not because I might have Italian heritage and I respond this way or because of a race or religion. None of that matters. Again, every result in our life are based on the standards I hold, the beliefs I operate with and the behaviors I do consistently.

Why that’s so important is if we’re looking for new results, if I want to earn more money, if I want to earn an exorbitant amount of money, the only thing that’s holding me back are the standards I hold for myself, the beliefs I operate to be true, and the behaviors I do consistently.

Marriage, no difference. I’m happily married for many, many years. I’ve been with my queen now for 20 years. No, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, right? But we have a harmony that works really well. We hold each other to a very high standard. We hold our marriage as a separate entity to a very high standard.

We both operate with beliefs that marriage doesn’t mean that your intimacy stops like everybody else says. We don’t believe that once you’re married, there’s no more time for each other. There’s no – kids, we have three beautiful kids. Our kids take over all of our life, or her business, my business take over – it’s nonsense. It’s a limiting belief.

We hold each other to high standards. We have empowering beliefs about what ideal marriage really looks like for us, and then we make sure that we stay true to the behaviors, the actions, the steps to make that a reality.

Host: Can you talk about how do you work with your clients? Is it a lot of one-on-ones or group coaching?

Guest: The answer is yes to both. Primarily, I work one-on-one with clients. Every once in a while – there’s a real system to it. Maybe three or four times a year, I’ll launch and run a group training program depending on what topic they need most. I will be launching one soon called, Rise Up and Beat. This is just for entrepreneurs that are feeling the stress and the pressure of the pandemic, and they have a family to take care of, they have a team to take care of, and there’s a lot of financial insecurity.

Right now, I’m teaching a lot more of the leadership mindset. Because in my personal opinion, that’s what matters most. It is not the leadership as far as an election – I’m sure that’s important – but personal leadership. What are you – how are you thinking every single day? What are you doing every single day to move the needle in your life no matter what’s going on in the outside world?

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Host: Can you talk more about that program?

Guest: I’ve created a framework called, The Ideal Day, which is I teach my students how to show up and optimize their life in every area of their life by this Ideal Day frame. By teaching them how to set up their days properly for organization and optimization, they notice and they will create massive results in their business, massive results in their relationship, in their self-care.

My job for them as a coach is to see them where they are. Understand that where they are in life, with every aspect of their life are just based on, like I shared just a few minutes ago, on the standards they hold for themselves, the beliefs they’ve been operating with and the behaviors they’ve been doing. They come with me and we accelerate, or the better word is amplified.

I take them from a level 5 on their relationship and turn up to a 9. If their business is operating on a 6, we get it to a 10. The way we do that is the same process I just shared. We evaluate and get clear on what standards they’re holding as they’re – through a process which I bring them through. We upgrade their standards. We raise their standards. We raise the way they see themselves in what they’re actually able to do.

Then we do what’s called, Belief Exploration. Because remember their standards, the second part is beliefs. Well, what are your beliefs about running a business? What are your beliefs about an amazing marriage? What are your beliefs about your ability to be healthy, lean, vibrant? What are the operating beliefs you’re holding?

Through the coaching process, I teach them step-by-step and exactly how to, what I call, upgrade their beliefs, improve their perspective of themselves. So far, that sounds really good but that can’t be materialized until we understand their behaviors. That’s why it’s a mindset and a strategy harmony. I want to know where you are or where you want to go, but here’s the path to get there. You have to do the daily work. Right? Manifestation doesn’t happen without action.

We get clear on that. That’s what the 90-day program is. It’s supported very clearly; 90-day vision with specific goals. Every single month we get on a monthly call, and we get it super clear. What are our objectives in this month? Every single week, I break it down for my clients. Here’s what I call, The Sunday Ritual. We reflect on our performance in the previous week, and we set new objectives for this term. Every day, they have a framework called, The Ideal Day, which allows them to prioritize the activities they need, schedule them, commit to them, and just watch the lecture.

Host: What would you say, from all the clients that you have worked with, is like a common thread that you see many of them are struggling in this particular area or struggling with this certain thing that you’re able – I guess just what’s the common thread that you see?

Guest: That’s a great question. It’s such a – it was an easy answer, but it’s a quick answer because it’s so common. It’s the feeling of overwhelm. It’s the feeling of, “Yeah, Billy, I mean, I love my wife, but I have no time.” Right? “I have no time for my wife.” “Billy, I love my kids, but I’m so overwhelmed with my business. But I just can’t spend the time. I’m missing every single football practice. I’ve missed four dinners this week.” Right? Or “Yes, Billy. I know I need to lose weight, but I’m just so overwhelmed in this and I’m trying to fit it all in.” It’s a sense of overwhelm.”

What I do for them, I’m going to share it if it’s okay, a three-step process that I do. Right? The first is called, Organize. It’s Organize, Optimize, Harmonize. It’s that process. The first thing we do is organize our life. Right? By scheduling time for our fitness, scheduling time for relationship enhancement. Scheduling time to blast off and grow your career. Schedule – when you schedule that – that’s what the plan is for. You create what’s called a daily action plan.

This daily action plan provides success without the sacrifice. Because I’m blocking off time to be fully present, non-distracted with my queen. She deserves that. I organize and commit to time, what’s called self-care. What is Billy Reuter doing for Billy Reuter today? Right?

Like I’ve shared already many times on this podcast, I’ve got three gorgeous kids that I live and I will die for. My Queen of 20 years is my world. But I can’t show up fully for them if I’m burnt out, I’m bitter and I’m broken spiritually. If I’m stressed out and overwhelmed, they are not getting the best version of me. They’re getting a shell. They’re not getting Billy Reuter, and they don’t deserve that. Inherently, I have to accept the fact that the more I prioritize me, take care of me, connect to me, I can now better show up for them with the love, the compassion, the full presence that they deserve.

Once we organize activities, well then we go back and we layer. I say, “Okay, you’re doing great, Chris, with your self-care for the last week.” How can we optimize this now, right? instead of just doing this, what if we try this breathing technique? What if we try this walking meditation? Right? Instead of just relationship enhancement doing these activities, what if we try to maximize your relationship? Let’s blow our mind by showing up this way. Right? Now, we’re optimizing these key areas of our life.

Then of course, the third part is harmonize. Harmonize is so important. Because I don’t operate with and I don’t believe in – nor would I ever do any more (I used to) – that sacrifice is mandatory for success. Sacrifice is not mandatory for success. Right? Sure. Small shifts in your schedule, and I call the adaptation mindset, that’s going to happen. But on a general macro level, no. You do not have to sacrifice your health and fitness to be successful. You do not have to sacrifice your family to be successful. That’s an absolute myth that is crippling entrepreneurs all over the world.

Host: I think we talked about that earlier on my pre-recording here. It’s not a personal life or professional life, it’s one life, and you don’t have to sacrifice one area for another. It just isn’t true. What would you say is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Guest: That’s great. I love that question. There’s actually – if I may have a quote, two people. One is from Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn is a philosopher that – man, he’s the godfather of personal development. They say he was Tony Robbins’ original teacher. When it comes to business advice, this – man, this quote was my driver for years. It’s, “You get paid for the value that you bring to the market.”

That word value can be misconstrued by one, or really dive in. Because we’re talking about business. My clients do not invest in my programs because I’m a nice guy. They invest in my programs because they perceive it as extremely valuable. Because I over deliver in value. When it comes to business in the marketplace, what value are you offering? That’s exactly it.

The reason why I consider that some of the best business advice is because now that’s my filter. My filter is before I ever take on a new student, before I ever launch a new program or write a new blog, post or article, whatever it is – is I don’t do it from how do I earn money, I do it how do I deliver massive amounts of value.

The other quote that I want to share quickly comes from another philosopher call – and his name was Eric Hoffer, also deceased. This one is a little more articulate, so I’ll speak slowly. It’s, “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal in a world that no longer exists.” That whole philosophy from Eric Hoffer – I learned that from Bob Proctor – is all about adaptation. Business changes really fast.

At the time of this recording, our country and our world is in the middle of a pandemic. You’re noticing people, when it comes to their income security, they have to adapt. If you don’t adapt, if you think you’re just educated, you’re learned and you’re stuck in your ways, you might perish. People are now understanding the importance of adaptability, the importance of consistently learning, of constantly – “Yes, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a leader, great. But I’m a student first. Always a student.” That gives you the slight edge because technology changes, platforms change. Right now, if Facebook decided to turn off its lights, they never would, but if they did, there’s a lot of multimillionaires that would go broke very soon.

Host: If that second quarter isn’t an encapsulation of the whole pandemic in the last couple of months, I don’t know what it is. What would you say is the best life advice you’ve ever received?

Guest: That had – I’ve been blessed with so many mentors – martial arts, fitness, business, entrepreneurial. Again, I find myself going back to Jim Rohn. It was, “Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” I’ll repeat that one more time. “Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” Again, that comes from Jim Rohn.

Why is that so powerful and why would I consider that life advice? Because like I’ve shared before, if a student comes to me and says, “Billy, I’m affirming, I want a better marriage.” “Billy, I’m affirming I want to release body fat and really take care of my health.” “I’m affirming I want to build a better business.” Great, we need the discipline. Are you disciplined to do the work needed? Are you ready to drop your ego and serve your queen the way she needs to be served, not the way you want to serve her? That requires discipline.

You can affirm all you want, but affirmation without the discipline is the beginning of – and I love that word – delusion. You’re living in a delusional state. Right? We can’t keep spending mindlessly, and just hoping that my bank account goes up. I can’t keep eating fast food and beers every night and chocolate cakes, and then expect a rib six-pack or having awesome energy or feeling great. That’s delusional. I can’t ignore my wife always be on my phone, right, retract from intimacy. I can’t do those things and then expect a thriving, deep, connected, serving relationship. I affirm a vision. I affirm an outcome. If I affirm a goal, I better have the discipline needed to do the process, to commit to the process and trust the process. Otherwise, I’m living in a state of delusion.

Host: If my listeners want to check you out online, where can they go?

Guest: That’s great. I do have a website. It’s coincidentally my name,; or certainly, I’m very active on Facebook, again Billy Reuter; or on my Instagram handle, it’s @CoachBillyReuter, which I would love to connect with everybody.

Host: Thank you so much for coming on. I just want to say when you and I met in Austin a couple years back, we connected instantly and always knew that we would do something together. It’s pretty cool a couple years down the road to be able to reconnect and so many gems. I appreciate it, brother.

Guest: Oh, I appreciate it as well, my friend. Believe me, it’s – I’ve been – although I’m your guest today, I’ve been watching your progress. I’m super proud, and you are a true leader in this industry. I know you’re serving so many people and I’m excited to watch you grow, brother.

Host: Thank you so much. Have a good rest of your day.

Guest: You too, Chris.

Overview: As a freedom focused entrepreneur, Billy Reuter prioritize his family, health and self care as he builds his business around it. He offers private coaching, corporate team training, speaking and an online course, the “90 Day Amplified Achievement Blueprint”. Billy’s clients are really like an extended family and they enjoy the benefits of increasing productivity, positivity and profits in all areas of their life.

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