Business in Boardshorts Podcast
EP 44 – Kelsey Kuehn


Release Date: October 20, 2021

Location: Buena Vista, CO

Guest Name: Kelsey Kuehn

Business Name: Empower Physiotherapy & Training

Business Websites: EmpowerPhysio.Training

Overview: Today we are headed to Buena Vista, CO to talk with Dr. Kelsey Kuehn. She’s the founder of Empower Physiotherapy & Training.

She is a doctor of physical therapy, a pelvic floor specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She specializes in pelvic health with an emphasis on exercise and resistance training throughout pregnancy and postpartum: her clinical sweet spot lies at the intersection of barbell sports and pelvic health.

Empower Physio & Training exists to equip you with knowledge and leave you empowered.

Kelsey offers in-person physical therapy, remote rehab coaching, exercise & nutrition coaching.

Valuing education, she also provides in-person clinics for coaches and clinicians.

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