Business in Boardshorts Podcast
EP 48 – John Lehr


Release Date: November  17, 2021

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Guest Name: John Lehr

Business Name: Howler Monkey Productions

Business Websites: JohnLehr.comHowler.TV

Overview: Today we are headed to Los Angeles, CA to talk to John Lehr – a comedic performer, writer and producer that has worked in television, film and theater.

He was one of the original Geico Caveman from the wildly successful commercial campaign, starred as Leslie Pool in “10 Items or Less” from Sony on TBS, and as Sheriff Hoyle on Hulu’s original comedy western “Quickdraw”.

Under the banner of Howler Monkey Productions, John and producing partner Nancy Hower have created multiple projects, most involving their unique improvisationally-based “hybrid” style.

Under the banner of Cold. Sober. Comedy, John performs and MC’s at corporate events, fundraisers, non-profits and sober communities about his personal/career struggles, his continuing sober journey and the importance of an authentic sense of humor.

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