Service Area Website Boost

Accelerate Google rankings for your specific service area

As a service-based business you don’t work in just one city, right? Of course not! In most cases you don’t want to drive for hours on end to get to a customer’s location. However, it’s typical to service a specific radius (let’s say ~30 miles?) from your physical location. If you’re based in City A but also serve City B, City C, City D etc, how do you get your website to rank in Google for potential customers searching in those areas?

Introducing the Service Area Website Boost

Here’s how it works. We will create a Service Area page (like this one for a HVAC company) along with multiple “City Pages” (like this one for a foundation repair company or this one for a Design Build firm).

The Service Area page serves as a brief overview of all the cities you are willing to service & links to each City Page that has been created. A City Page is a dedicated webpage that explains the work you do in that particular city. Whether you want to start with 2 City Pages or 20, that’s up to you. We often recommend starting with at least 4 cities when you begin this type of work on your website.

Why is location-specific content on my website so important to my search engine rankings?

You may have never heard of this concept before & are wondering why location-specific content is so important for your website. First, Google’s preference is always to show localized content. This is why when you searched Google for a pizza parlor on your last vacation, the restaurants shown to you were heavily skewed to your proximity to them.

By creating a Service Area page with relevant City Pages, your website will be more useful to potential customers who are actively searching for your services in those areas. This will improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), as well as increase your authority & credibility in your service area.


Have questions? I have answers!

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  2. For the Standard or Essential package, you will be asked to submit payment upon completing the form.
  3. For the Premium package, within ~48 hours of completing the form, I will follow up via email to provide a quote & payment link for your requested scope.
  4. Once payment is submitted, it’s off to work we go!

The Service Area Website Boost is best suited for service-based businesses (such as HVAC, foundation repair, & pool installers just to name a few) that are focused on serving a specific geographical area. They want to increase the visibility of their website & search engine rankings in specific cities (or counties).

The Service Area Website Boost is not the right fit if your business is run completely online/virtually. If you can work with a customer or client just the same if they are located in Orlando or Seattle, Phoenix or Birmingham, it will be hard to gain traction in search engine rankings – unless heavy investment is made.

No, we can’t make that claim.

There are several hundreds (if not thousands) of factors that go into the rankings of your website in Google search (& other search engines). So, we simply can’t guarantee specific results. The Service Area Website Boost works best in tandem with ongoing SEO efforts.

PROTIP: If online marketers or marketing agencies claim they can get you certain results (such as “Hey, buy this widget & we can get you #1 on Google!) you should run far, far away.

The short answer? I’ve built, optimized, and grown hundreds of websites.

The longer answer? I’ve been inside the marketing world for more than a decade. First at my late-father’s advertising agency & now running my own website design & marketing business. I truly eat, sleep, and breathe it.

When you purchase a Service Area Website Boost, you’re getting real marketing experts optimizing your website. The content we create is not only Google-friendly, but written to your potential new customers as well. It’s the best of both worlds.




Our quote will be based on your geographic location(s) to target, its competitiveness in Google search, & your industry.


  • 1 Service Area page + 5 or more City-specific pages (you tell us the number of cities you want to target)
  • Each page will be uploaded to your website

  • Advanced SEO preformed

  • Google Maps embed of your service area

  • 3 rounds of revisions with copywriter is available (if desired)

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  • 1 Service Area page + 3 City-specific pages
  • Each page will be uploaded to your website.

  • Basic SEO preformed

  • 2 rounds of revisions with copywriter is available (if desired)




  • 1 Service Area page + 1 City-specific page
  • Each page will be uploaded to your website.

  • 1 round of revisions with copywriter is available (if desired)

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