Is Your Website Analytics Tracking Illegal?

Let’s Start With The Basics

Websites collect personal information (like name, email, and IP address) through contact forms and via tracking tools like Google Analytics. Because they are collecting personal information (and could in theory be collecting it from website visitors located anywhere), you may be required by multiple privacy laws to provide a website Privacy Policy that is compliant with each law.

Your Privacy Policy Needs to Stay Up to Date to Avoid Privacy-related Fines and Lawsuits.

More privacy laws are coming – not a “Set It and Forget It” measure

The US currently has 20 proposed state privacy bills, some of which will enable citizens to sue businesses, regardless of the business’s size or location, simply for not having a compliant Privacy Policy on their website. Therefore, you need to have a strategy to keep your Privacy Policy up to date as laws change and require new disclosures to be made.

Meet Termageddon, The Privacy Policy Solution.

To be proactive about this issue, we’ve partnered up with a Privacy Policy generator called Termageddon. Their tool allows you to generate a Privacy Policy and will automatically update your policies when the laws change (as well as notify you when changes are coming), and they do it at a fraction of the cost of a privacy attorney.

If Termageddon sounds like a good solution, the service is $99/year and we charge a one-time setup fee to create the needed pages, insert and test the code on your website.


We are not attorneys, we do not provide Privacy Policies (or policies of any kind) as a service, and do not provide legal advice of any kind. We are not responsible for your business complying with any applicable laws.

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Privacy Policies Made Easy

If you want to get an auto-updating Privacy Policy generated and added to your website, I highly recommend the pros at Termageddon. I’m happy to help get this setup for you. It’s peace of mind knowing you have a privacy team keeping your website policies up to date for you. Click the button below to get started.