Pain Does NOT Always Lead to Gain!

Success with getting into better shape comes with sacrifice, inside and outside the gym. And just like a Warrior II can improve the performance of your hamstrings, a website can improve the performance of your business.

But the sacrifices you make to earn a good living are way less strenuous if you follow the right path. Consider this for a second….

You are trying to build a business doing what you truly love, every single day–much like a figure competitor trains hard every single day to build a stage-ready body. But, there are sacrifices involved with both.

In your case, the struggle is often far too real. You try to be everything to everyone, training clients, teaching classes, giving food tours, drawing up workouts and the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t it feel amazing if you had a way to expedite this process and make it easier?

That’s where a rock-solid website comes into play. And in doing so, you can leave the arduous, techy stuff to us. Just like you are an expert in YOUR field, WE are experts in ours (or “I am an expert in mine).

And in similar fashion, if someone is looking for a fitness professional, they won’t just hire an unqualified person off the street. They want someone who knows their stuff and is knowledgeable, certified and an expert in their field. The exact same thing can be said about building and maintaining your website presence.

Just like your bowl of kale salad with chickpeas, here’s where I come to the table. I will help with Domain names, web hosting, HTTPS, security, hacked sites…the list goes on and on. You don’t know (or what to know) what that all means!

The bottom line is, I handle all the aspects of an optimized website so you get the best of the best at every turn. And I do it all without you having to worry about a thing.

I provide for the life of your website so whenever there is an issue or you want something added to the site, I’m right there for you. I’m your teammate, I’m your partner. Think of me as the personal trainer for your website!

But life isn’t all cool breezes and sun baths. There are potential problems that you will likely run into, such as:

Outdated Website

It’s great to think that you can maintain your current body size and shape for the rest of your life. But that would be a bit of an exaggeration. You still need to stay current with your workouts and feed your body the fuel it needs to be healthy.

If you are trying to limp along an outdated website, you can run into issues like bad user experiences, incompatibility with all devices, bad first impressions and unengaging copy. All of this combined will make the visitor uninterested in and leave your site. Boom, you just lost a client!

But need not worry, because the fix is in. And here’s what it consists of:

  • Professionally designed website
  • Compatibility with ALL devices
  • Awesome first impressions with users
  • Engaging look and feel
  • You are perceived as an authority in your field
  • Your services and offerings are viewed as high quality
  • Your prospects will want to hire you!

Scheduling Conflicts

Regardless if you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor or sports coach, you are not immune to scheduling conflicts. Does this sound familiar? You spend countless hours sending texts and emails trying to find out the best time for your client’s next session with you.

And what about cancellations? You have to stay on guard to see if a text or email came in from someone who can’t make a session. What happens if you’re working on a new recipe in the kitchen or practicing a new exercise flow? You can’t be checking your phone every 10 seconds!

Here’s what I can create for you in situations like these:

  • A streamlined approach where everything is set up online
  • An easy way to schedule, cancel and send your customer’s reminders.
  • No more stress or worries about constant text and email streams
  • More flexibility with the days/times you’re available & your customers pick their training sessions from that availability.
  • More freedom. You won’t have to be in the gym 12 hours a day. Reminders can be sent out in-advance so your customers can cancel/reschedule with the click of a button.
  • Stress-free work atmosphere where your clients will be on time.

Payment Problems

Perhaps the hardest part of being a health and fitness pro is collecting payment.But you have to be stern with your approach because you ARE an expert and you deserve to get paid well for what you do.

Some of the potential problems you can face include spending a lot of time sending out invoices, waiting to be paid for your work, or in the worst of cases, not getting paid at all.

But there is good news! Here’s what I can help set up to make life a happier place for you:

  • Recurring payment system where your customer’s credit card can be on file. You can then charge them every week, every 2 weeks, monthly or whatever package you decide to create. Then you don’t have to worry about sending another invoice.
  • A better recurring revenue system without the hassles and headaches.
  • Complete control of payments. This makes it’s very convenient for you and your customers.
  • Timely payments that come through ALL the time
  • Better cash flow
  • Easier income projections for the months ahead

You’re a fitness pro, right?

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