Custom Landing Page Design

You got their attention. Now what?

Companies spend money on paid advertising campaigns with one goal—entice people to click on a link. But where that link takes the user makes or breaks the ad campaign. Without a strategically designed landing page, it’s impossible for an ad campaign to deliver results.

The power of a landing page is its ability to entice a person to take the next step—whether that’s providing their content info, asking for a consultation, or making a purchase. It’s both an art and a science to design a landing page so all the elements work together to convert a prospect into a customer. The overall goal for the page is to gain the user’s trust.

This is where I excel. I know what information needs to be “Above The Fold’. I know where to place the call-to-action and what type of content builds credibility. I get immense pride from helping my clients succeed and provide personalized service to every client, every step of the process.

Want to see landing page breakdown in real-time?

Watch the video on this page (or click here to open up the video in a new window) to see examples of real landing pages I’ve designed.

I explain why I designed it the way I did and why elements are placed where they are.

Remember: There’s always a purpose for where each element is placed – especially “Above The Fold”!


What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

“It has been a seamless process working with CT. He’s apart of my team with the service and attention to detail he provides. I have been thrilled with his work and recommend him to anyone!”

Jim Adams

“CT is a professional beyond his years. He’s accessible, responsive, and responsible—all old-school characteristics that are a must for any business owner who provides exceptional customer service on a daily basis. And with website security and related problem-solving, CT understands he’s ‘on call’ because the Internet isn’t just open for business from 8-5.”

Tina Chovanec

Need A Landing Page Expert?

I have worked with clients of all sizes, as well as marketing agencies, and would love to help you with your landing page needs as well. Let’s jump on a 15 minute phone or video call and see if we will be a great fit.