Custom Landing Page Design

You got their attention. Now what?

Companies spend money on paid advertising campaigns with one goal—entice people to click on a link. But where that link takes the user makes or breaks the ad campaign. Without a strategically designed landing page, it’s impossible for an ad campaign to deliver results.

The power of a landing page is its ability to entice a person to take the next step—whether that’s providing their content info, asking for a consultation, or making a purchase. It’s both an art and a science to design a landing page so all the elements work together to convert a prospect into a customer. The overall goal for the page is to gain the user’s trust.

This is where I excel. I know what information needs to be “Above The Fold’. I know where to place the call-to-action and what type of content builds credibility. I get immense pride from helping my clients succeed and provide personalized service to every client, every step of the process.


Watch the video below (or click here to open it up in a new window) to see me talk through a few different landing pages.

Remember: There’s always a purpose for where each element is placed – especially “Above The Fold”.

What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

Engaging Copy

Quick & Easy CTA

Emphasis On Items “Above The Fold”

Social Proof & Credibility

Eye-catching Visual Elements


“It has been a seamless process working with CT. He’s apart of my team with the service and attention to detail he provides. I have been thrilled with his work and recommend him to anyone!”

Jim Adams
Catalyst Personal Training
& MiFB Podcast


“CT is a professional beyond his years. He’s accessible, responsive, and responsible—all old-school characteristics that are a must for any business owner who provides exceptional customer service on a daily basis. And with website security and related problem-solving, CT understands he’s ‘on call’ because the Internet isn’t just open for business from 8-5.”

Tina Chovanec
Image Makers Adverting

Need A Landing Page Expert?

I have worked with clients of all sizes, as well as marketing agencies, and would love to help you with your landing page needs as well. Let’s jump on a phone or video call and see if we will be a great fit.